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Silver Panda Coin - 30 grams - 2023

Silver Panda Coin - 30 grams - 2023

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Name of Coin: Silver Panda Coin 2023

Mint: Chinese Mint

Claim to Fame: The panda series was first released in 1982 by the Bank of China in cooperation with the China Gold Coin Incorporation and the silver coin was first minted in 1983. Since then, every year, a different design is depicted on the reverse of the coin.

China has a long relationship with Silver coins, rather than gold coins. Contrary to most major western economies, China never used gold but rather silver as the primary anchor for its monetary system. The Chinese Tael which was about 40 grams was the traditional weight. The monetary system based on silver served the country for several centuries, but the onset of the Great Depression in conjunction with the rise of communism in the 1930s led the authorities to abandon it in favour of a pure paper standard. The Troy Ounce weight was dropped in China in 2016 Favour of the metric 30 gram weight.

Face Value: 10 Yuan

First Minted: 1982

Obverse (Front): The obverse side of the 30g China Panda Silver Coin depicts Beijing’s awe-inspiring Temple of Heaven, encircled by lettering that translates to “People’s Republic of China” and the year of mintage “2023”. Beijing's Temple of Heaven was used by the Ming and Qing dynasties emperors to pray for a good harvest.

Reverse (Back): The 2023 Reverse shows two young pandas in their natural habitat, amongst bamboo trees. The designer responsible for this lovely image, Tong Fang, has given the illustration the title “accompanying love”. The brother and sister who were having fun and playing in the snow in 2022 are now all grown up and can survive without their mother. They are capable of finding food on their own but nevertheless do not forget to help each other out. Here, the brother stretches out his paw towards his sister who is climbing up the tree.

Composition: 99.9% Silver

Weight: 30 grams

Diameter: 40 mm

Thickness: 2.98 mm

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