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Silver Britannia Coin - One Troy Ounce - 2023

Silver Britannia Coin - One Troy Ounce - 2023

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Get your hands on the most secure coin in the world featuring the new King Charles III. The 1 oz Silver Britannia Charles 2023 is now available for purchase on

This coin is a must-have for collectors and investors alike for several reasons. Firstly, it features the first-ever inclusion of King Charles III's portrait, beautifully designed by Martin Jennings, a renowned sculptor. Secondly, the coin's reverse showcases the elegant and iconic figure of Britannia, symbolizing the spirit of a nation.

Moreover, the coin incorporates a range of advanced security features, including a micro-detail wave, additional line work on Britannia's shield, Latin text on the inner rim, and a padlock/trident changing hologram. These features make the 1 oz Silver Britannia Charles 2023 one of the most visually secure silver bullion coins in the world.

Each coin contains 31.1 grams of fine silver at a purity of 999 parts per thousand. Don't miss out on this remarkable coin, marking the start of a new era with King Charles III as head of state.

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