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Nebü 24K Classic Hammered Cuff

Nebü 24K Classic Hammered Cuff

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Product Overview

Discover the Nebü 24K Classic Hammered Cuff—a hand-finished masterpiece that beautifully blends raw aesthetics with expert craftsmanship.

Key Features:

  • Composed of 34.1 grams (1.061 oz) of .9999 pure 24K Gold.
  • Arrives in a signature Nebü box, complete with a plush velvet pouch.
  • Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity that verifies the metal's weight and purity.
  • Dimensions: Diameter - 66 mm, Circumference - 148 mm.
  • Designed for adjustability, the soft 24K Gold naturally moulds to your body over time.
  • Minimal weight variance is standard across all our 24K bullion jewellery.

Bonus: Guard your investment from moisture by adding silica gel packets to your order.

Add a touch of timeless elegance and a smart investment to your collection. Place this stunning Nebü 24K Classic Hammered Cuff in your cart today!

About Nebü

Nebü is a South African-based jeweller specializing in 24K pure Gold creations. Our Gold is naturally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and resistant to tarnish. We commit to maintaining these properties and assure you that your piece will not only retain its value but also appreciate over time. No man-made alloys are used, keeping true to the purity pledge we extend to all our clients.

Why 24K Gold?

  • Eternal Value: Gold is tarnish-free.
  • Antimicrobial: Inhibits bacterial growth.
  • Hypoallergenic: Allergy-free due to its purity.
  • Global Worth: Consistently valued worldwide.
  • Resilient Yet Malleable: Durable but adapts to your form.

Care Tips

  • 24K Gold is soft; avoid repeated bending to maintain shape.
  • Remove the cuff during physical activities to prevent scratches.
  • Store in its individual pouch to avoid surface damage.
  • Clean with a soft cloth; avoid abrasive polishing materials.
  • For deep cleaning, a warm water soak with mild detergent is recommended.
  • For professional cleaning, ensure the jeweller is experienced in 24K Gold care.
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