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Gold Sovereign Coin - (7.32g) - 2023

Gold Sovereign Coin - (7.32g) - 2023

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Introducing the stunning 2022 Queen Elizabeth Memorial Bullion Sovereign gold coin - a magnificent piece of numismatic history. This coin weighs 7.98g and contains 22-carat (.9167) pure gold, making it a fine example of royal heritage and an excellent way to invest in gold bullion.

Minted to honour one of the most celebrated monarchs of all time, Queen Elizabeth II, this coin is a true reflection of her enduring legacy. The obverse of the coin showcases a detailed portrait of King Charles III by Martin Jennings, while the reverse features the Royal Coat of Arms of Queen Elizabeth II. This intricate design showcases a powerful lion and unicorn standing rampant over a central shield displaying the heraldic symbols of the nations of the United Kingdom.

What makes this design distinguishable from the current Royal Coat of Arms is the use of the St Edward's Crown from the crown jewels, rather than the Tudor Crown chosen by King Charles. This detail adds to the historical significance of the coin and makes it a valuable addition to any collection.

In short, the Queen Elizabeth Memorial Sovereign is a stunning and enduring treasure that celebrates the rich history and legacy of the British monarchy. This coin is sure to be a favourite of investors and collectors for years to come.

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Invest in a piece of history today with our Queen Elizabeth Memorial Bullion Sovereign gold coin - a stunning and enduring treasure that celebrates the legacy of the British monarchy.

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