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Gold Maple Coin - One Troy Ounce - 2024

Gold Maple Coin - One Troy Ounce - 2024

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Gold Maple Coin 2024

Mint: Canadian Mint

Estimated Value of Coins Minted: Over 40 Billion USD in gold minted to Maple coins.

Claim to Fame: The Gold Maple Coin 2024 is the most popular Canadian gold coin. It is also one of the world's purest gold coins, with the Standard Canadian Maple coin being 99.99% gold and proof coins being 99.999% gold. The coin also has distinctive security measures built into its design, allowing for scanning and authentication.

Gold Price Value: This product contains 31.1035 grams of 99.99% pure gold. In addition to that, there is a gold price premium for the mintage cost of each coin. Despite being new, this coin is selling at a low premium to the gold price, making it a good investment for those looking to invest in pure bullion gold.

Face Value: 50 CAD

First Minted: 1979

Obverse (Front): The Maple Leaf

Reverse (Back): King Charles III

Composition: 99.99% Gold

Weight: 31.1035 grams - 1 Ozt

Diameter: 30 mm

Thickness: 2.87mm

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