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Gold Maple Coin - One Troy Ounce - 2023

Gold Maple Coin - One Troy Ounce - 2023

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Gold Maple Coin 2023

Mint: Canadian Mint

Estimated Value of Coins Minted: Over 40 Billion USD in gold minted to Maple coins.

Claim to Fame: The Gold Maple Coin 2023 is the most popular Canadian gold coin. It is also one of the world's purest gold coins, with the Standard Canadian Maple coin being 99.99% gold and proof coins being 99.999% gold. The coin also has distinctive security measures built into its design, allowing for scanning and authentication.

Gold Price Value: This product contains 31.1035 grams of 99.99% pure gold. In addition to that, there is a gold price premium for the mintage cost of each coin. Despite being new, this coin is selling at a low premium to the gold price, making it a good investment for those looking to invest in pure bullion gold.

Face Value: 50 CAD

First Minted: 1979

Obverse (Front): The Maple Leaf

Reverse (Back): Queen Elizabeth II

Composition: 99.99% Gold

Weight: 31.1035 grams - 1 Ozt

Diameter: 30 mm

Thickness: 2.87mm

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Introducing the Gold Maple Coin 2023, minted by the prestigious Canadian Mint. With an estimated value of over 40 billion USD in gold minted to Maple coins, this coin is a valuable addition to any collection or investment portfolio.

Each Gold Maple Coin 2023 is composed of 31.1035 grams of 99.99% pure gold, making it a reliable and convenient way to invest in gold bullion. With a low premium pricing and excellent value for money, the Gold Maple Coin 2023 is a smart investment for those looking to invest in pure bullion gold.

Featuring the iconic Maple Leaf design on the obverse and the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the reverse, this coin is both aesthetically pleasing and historically significant. The Gold Maple Coin 2023 is also equipped with advanced security features, including radial lines on the coin's surface that create a light-diffracting pattern unique to each coin. This makes it difficult for counterfeiters to replicate the pattern and produce fake coins.

In addition, the coin features a micro-engraved security mark, a tiny maple leaf that is only visible under magnification. This mark contains the coin's year of issue and is another way to authenticate the coin. The Canadian Mint has also introduced a new security feature called MINTSHIELD Surface Protection, which protects the coin's surface from scratches and other damage while maintaining the coin's high-quality finish.

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Order now and receive a complementary protective coin capsule to keep your investment safe and secure. Please note that delivery times can vary, so please allow up to 50 days for delivery. Our estimated dispatch time is currently within 14 business days. Invest in physical gold today with our Gold Maple Coin 2023 and take advantage of our low premium pricing and competitive gold bullion prices.

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