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Gold Krugerrand Coin - One Troy Ounce - Mixed Years

Gold Krugerrand Coin - One Troy Ounce - Mixed Years

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Name of Coin: Gold Krugerrand Coin - Mixed Years

Mint: South African Mint

Estimated Value of Coins Minted: Over 100 Billion USD in gold minted to Krugerrand coins.

Claim to Fame: The most popular gold coin in the world. The first coin minted for the general population. First minted in 1967 to promote South African gold its named after Paul Kruger President of South Africa from 1883- 1904.

Gold Price Value: This product has 31.1035 grams of 91.66% pure gold price and 8.66% of copper. In addition to that there is a gold price premium for the mintage cost of each coin. For an alloy coin the Krugerrand trade with a low premium when first minted. It can be seen however when checking older years of Krugerrand coins that they can gain a nice premium over the gold price, particular years can be particularly in demand. This makes the Krugerrand coin and interesting investment from a gold price point of view but also from the point of view of future collectability.

Face Value: No Face Value

First Minted: 1967

Obverse (Front): The coin has the pronking springbok on the obverse.

Reverse (Back): Paul Kruger on the reverse.

Composition: 91.66% Gold, 8.33% Copper

Weight: 33.93 grams containing 31.1053 grams gold, and the rest copper.

Diameter: 32.77mm

Thickness: 2.84mm

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