Collection: Gold Vienna Philharmonic Coins

The Vienna Philharmonic coin produced by the Austrian mint is the king of investment coins. It has a distinctive reeded edge and a larger diameter than other coins with the 1 oz Coin having a diameter of 37mm the largest diameter of the popular coins. At 24 Carat or 99.99% pure gold this beautiful coin was first introduced in 1989. The coin is named after the world famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. it is one of the worlds best selling coins with over 25 Billion in USD value in circulation.

The artist responsible for the design is Thomas Pesendorfer, the Austrian Mint’s chief engraver at the time. From 1997 through 2016 when he retired from the Austrian Mint, Thomas Pesendorfer was involved in the design of 18 Coin of the Year award winning coins. He originally went to the Fachschule für Metalldesign in Steyr to become a sculptor. However, he discovered his vocation was in metal design and was eventually encouraged to join the Austrian Mint, the Mecca for Austrian engravers.

Musikverein Pipe OrganOrchestra Instruments

For the reverse side he chose eight orchestral instruments: four violins either side of a cello in the foreground and the Viennese horn, the bassoon and the harp behind. The inscription "WIENER PHILHARMONIKER" stands in a semicircle.

The obverse side features the famous pipe organ from the Goldener Saal of the Viennese Musikverein, recognized throughout the world as the backdrop to the Philharmonic’s New Year concerts.The Musikverein is also known as the Golden Concert Hall and is the home venue of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. The organ case was designed by the architect Theophil von Hansen. The original organ was built by Friedrich Ladegast in 1872 and since then the organ has been renovated and replaced on various occasions, the last being in 2011.

The Words REPUBLIK ÖSTERREICH are shown above the instrument with the coin’s weight, gold purity, denomination and year of mintage engraved below. The edge of the coin is reeded.

The Austrian Mint (Münze österreich) was founded in 1194, initially with 12 tons of silver paid to release King Richard I of England. This was a ransom paid to the Duke of Austria Leopold V Babenberg who then decided to start minting silver coins using a part of this silver. The Austrian Mint operates from its facility in Vienna, and continues to create coins of exceptional artistic value and craftsmanship.

The Gold Vienna Philharmonic or "Philly" is available in 1, 1/2, 1/4. 1/10. 1/25 of a Troy Ounce weights. There is also a 1000 troy Ounce Version known as "The Big Phil" which has a face value of 100,000 Euro, but at todays prices is worth well over a million Euros.