Collection: Gold Britannia Coins

The Gold Britannia coin produced by the British Royal Mint was Introduced in 1987, the gold Britannia coin was the first European investment coin. They have British legal tender status. Gold Britannia's are very popular as they are exempt of Capital Gains Tax (CGT),which makes them a low-margin gold investment. With over 15 Billion USD worth of coins minted this is a fungible coin.

From 2013 to the present, The Gold Britannia are minted with 99.99% purity or 24 Carats. From 1987 - 1989 the Gold Britannia coin was a composite of 91.66% gold (22 Carat) and 8.33% Copper. And from 1989 - 2012 it was a composite of 91.66% Gold (22 Carat) and 8.33% Silver. 

The Obverse features an image of Britannia designed by Philip Nathan in 1987, and the Reverse features an image of Queen Elizabeth the II.

Britannia - Philip Nathan 1987Queen Elizabeth II


The Gold Britannia coin is available in 1, 1/2,1/4,1/10, 1/20 Oz weights.