Blog 2: Why has Gold and Silver retained its value for all of recorded history?

Title: The Evolutionary Psychology of Owning Gold: Preserving Wealth for Our Future

In a world where economic instability and inequality are rampant, owning wealth is not about greed but about safety and security in our future. This is where the value of owning gold comes into play. For thousands of years, gold has maintained its value while other measures of wealth have fluctuated wildly. The question is, why? The answer lies in the evolutionary psychology of owning gold and its relationship with Robert Cialdini's six principles of persuasion.

Scarcity is the first principle. Gold is a scarce commodity, which is why it has been used as a store of value for centuries. Its rarity is what gives it its value, and its value is what makes it so sought-after.

Beauty is the second principle. Gold is a beautiful metal that has been adorned and valued for thousands of years. Its intrinsic beauty and shine make it a symbol of wealth and status, which is why owning it has always been so desirable.

Reciprocity is the third principle. This is at the root of our debt-based financial system, and it is easy to see how gold became necessary as a store of value to record favours done. Owning gold is a way of preserving wealth that can be passed down through generations, ensuring that the wealth accumulated by our forefathers can be enjoyed by future generations.

Authority is the fourth principle. Throughout history, gold has been associated with authority and power. Gold crowns, necklaces, and other symbols of wealth have been used to signify the power and status of kings, queens, and other rulers. Owning gold is a way of asserting one's own authority and power, making it an important part of our evolutionary psychology.

Social proof is the fifth principle. Money has value because we all believe it does. The more people who believe in the value of gold, the more valuable it becomes. This is why gold has retained its value for thousands of years, even as other measures of wealth have come and gone.

Consistency is the sixth principle. Owning gold is a consistent way of preserving wealth that has stood the test of time. The value of gold has remained consistent throughout history, making it a reliable and trustworthy store of value.

In conclusion, owning gold is not about greed, but about safety and security in our future. It satisfies many of our evolutionary requirements, including scarcity, beauty, reciprocity, authority, social proof, and consistency. At onetroyounce, we believe that owning gold should be accessible to everyone, which is why we offer a wide range of affordable products. Visit us at to learn more about how you can preserve your wealth for the future.

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