Blog 53: French Bullion Coins: A Glimpse into the World of France's Precious Metal Currency


French bullion coins hold a special place in the hearts of numismatists and precious metal investors worldwide. These coins, which have been produced for centuries, reflect France's rich cultural and economic history. In this article, we will explore the fascinating world of French bullion coins, from their earliest origins to their modern-day incarnations, and learn why they remain so popular with collectors and investors alike.

The Early Days: Hammered Gold Coins

  1. Gold Écus: First introduced during the reign of King Louis IX in 1266, the gold écu was France's first significant gold coin. This coin's name derived from the Latin word "scutum," meaning shield, as it prominently featured the French royal coat of arms. The gold écu underwent several design changes and denominations over the centuries, reflecting the evolving tastes and priorities of the French monarchy.

  2. Gold Louis: The gold Louis, named in honor of King Louis XIII, was introduced in 1640 as a replacement for the gold écu. These coins displayed an image of the reigning king and became a symbol of French power and prestige. Gold Louis coins continued to be minted under subsequent monarchs, with various designs and denominations, until the French Revolution.

The Modern Era: Milled Bullion Coins

  1. Gold Francs: Following the French Revolution, the gold franc was introduced as France's new gold currency. The coin's design featured the iconic image of Marianne, the female personification of the French Republic. Gold francs were minted in various denominations, such as the 20-franc coin known as the "Napoleon" in honor of Napoleon Bonaparte. Gold francs remained in circulation until the introduction of the euro in 2002.

  2. Silver Francs: France also minted silver franc coins, with the most famous being the "Hercules" design introduced in 1871. This design, created by Augustin Dupré, featured a powerful image of Hercules flanked by Liberty and Equality. Silver francs were produced in several denominations and circulated until the mid-20th century.

  3. Commemorative Bullion Coins: In addition to circulating coins, the Monnaie de Paris (Paris Mint) has produced various commemorative bullion coins, celebrating important events, historical figures, and cultural icons. These coins are typically minted in gold and silver and are popular with collectors for their unique designs and limited mintages.

  4. Modern Gold and Silver Bullion Coins: Today, the Monnaie de Paris produces several modern bullion coins for investors and collectors. These coins, such as the Gold Marianne and Silver Sower, feature updated designs of classic French imagery and are minted in various weights, from 1/10 ounce to 1 kilogram.

International Recognition and Demand

  1. Legal Tender Status: French bullion coins are considered legal tender in France, which means they are exempt from capital gains tax for French residents. This legal status has helped to bolster their popularity among investors in France and around the world.

  2. Purity and Quality: French bullion coins are known for their high purity and exceptional quality, making them an attractive option for investors seeking a secure and easily tradable store of value. The Monnaie de Paris's strict quality control standards ensure that each coin meets the highest levels of craftsmanship.

  3. Global Appeal: French bullion coins are recognized and traded worldwide, making them a liquid and easily accessible investment option. Their rich history, iconic designs, and legal tender status have helped to solidify their reputation as a trusted and desirable form of precious metal currency.



bullion coins represent a fascinating journey through the history and culture of one of the world's most influential nations. From the gold écus of the Middle Ages to the modern gold and silver coins minted today, these coins have played a pivotal role in France's economic development and remain a popular choice for investors and collectors.

In addition to their historical significance, French bullion coins offer several practical advantages for those seeking to invest in precious metals. Their legal tender status, high purity, and global recognition make them a reliable and accessible option for diversifying one's investment portfolio or building a tangible store of wealth.

As we've seen, the world of French bullion coins is rich and varied, with a wide array of designs, denominations, and metals to choose from. Whether you are a seasoned numismatist or new to the world of precious metal investing, French bullion coins offer a unique and rewarding way to explore the nation's history and the enduring appeal of gold and silver.


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