Collection: Gold Krugerrand Coins

The South African Krugerrand originally created in 1967 is one of the world’s oldest and most recognizable gold bullion coins. Over 100 billion US dollars worth of Krugerrands have been minted since that year.

It was the first gold coin made accessible to everyone, and is still today the most popular minted coin for many enthusiasts. It's popularity means that it is easily recognisable and tradable, making it one of the most fungible coins. It is an essential addition for collectors and investors.

Made from 22 carat gold, it features the image of the pronking springbok antelope on its obverse and a profile of Paul Kruger on its reverse. Krugerrands are a copper gold alloy, with 91.66% gold and 8.33% Copper. The Copper-Gold Alloy strengthens the coin making it more durable and giving it the distinctive copper- gold lustre.

1947 by Coert Steynberg - A pronking springbok antelope with the mint date in the field. The legend is inscribed with "KRUGERRAND" and the gold weight.  1892 by Otto Schultz - Profile of Paul Kruger with "SUID-AFRIKA·SOUTH AFRICA" in the legend

The One Troy Ounce coin has 31.1053 grams of gold and 2.8247 grams of copper, giving an overall weight of 33.93 grams. The Krugerrand is available in the 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/10 troy Ounce weights.

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